Increasing Awareness

CSRRR seeks to build on the important work done by the ‘Slow Down, Move Over UK’ Campaign in the raising awareness of road users and alerting them to constant dangers posed to roadside rescue and recovery workers. The ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ campaign has sought to get provisions inserted into the highway code which would require new road users taking their theory test to be aware of the protocol for what to do as they approach the scene of an accident or broken down vehicle.

CSRRR understands that changes to government policy and regulations can only do so much to prevent some tragedies, and that driver-focussed campaigns are an important part of minimising the amount the number of recovery industry workers who are killed in the performance of their duties.

Nevertheless, CSRRR are now supported by ‘Slow Down, Move Over UK’. The founders of that initiative have come to believe that there is only so much an awareness campaign can achieve while the government continues to ignore the specific risks faced by recovery operators.