Red Lights

CSRRR is campaigning for rescue and recovery operators to be able to display prominent red-warning beacons while attending accidents and breakdowns. At present, recovery operators are only permitted to be fitted with and use amber warning beacons.

Research shows that the red warning beacons in conjunction with amber warning beacons offers the best compromise in terms of detection, disability glare and discomfort glare. There is further effect though, due to the psychological associations between the colour red and the concept of danger.

CSRRR is asking for recovery operators to be put on the same footing as Highways England Traffic Officers, who are permitted to use red warning beacons. We believe the two groups face similar levels of risk as they work on the nation’s roadsides. We also believe being a recovery operator is significantly more dangerous than other vehicles currently permitted to use amber lights – including road clearance workers and surveyors.