Let’s make Recovery safer

The people of the Roadside Rescue & Recovery Industry play a vital part in our lives.  When things go wrong for us on the roads they’re there whatever the weather, day and night.

But the roadside is a hazardous place and there continue to be too many fatalities and injuries.

We are calling on government protect the lives of the men and women who work in the recovery industry by listening to their concerns and taking account of their interest in making policy. Specifically, we are calling for:

  • Red lights

    CSRRR is campaigning for rescue and recovery operators to be able to display prominent red-warning beacons while attending accidents and breakdowns. At present, recovery operators are only permitted to be fitted with and use amber warning beacons. More information

  • Safer ‘smart’ motorways

    We are calling for the Government to halt the roll-out of all-lane running motorways so-called ‘smart’ motorways  until they can prove they are safe for recovery operators. More information

  • Data

    We are also urging the Department for Transport to collect data on the number of specific casualties involving recovery workers. More information

  • Highway Code

    Building on the excellent work down by the ‘Slow Down, Move Over UK’ campaign, we are pushing for changes to the Highway Code that make clear to road users what to do when approaching a breakdown. More information

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